International cooperation of IMCES SB RAS (2002–2009)

“Siberian Center for Environmental Research and Training  (SCERT) was organized by the initiative of IMCES SB RAS (Decree of Presidium SB RAS No. 378 dated November 20, 2002). Information on the Center’s activities is available at http://www.scert.ru


International projects implemented

  • INTAS Monitoring Conference (Grant 02-MO-250);
  • EC INCO Programme (Grant ICA2-CT-2002-6002);
  • EC INCO (Grant ICA2-CT-2002-60009);
  • EC INCO (Grant INCO-CT-2003-502246 ENVIROMIS–SSA);
  • INTAS Grant Strategic Scientific Workshop No. 003-60-68;
  • EC INCO (Grant CT-2003-502246);
  • INTAS Summer School Grant (03-68-586);
  • INTAS project No. 00-189 «ATMOS: a scientific WWW portal for the atmospheric environment»;
  • Russian-Indian Long-term cooperation program;
  • ЕС GMES Network of Users (GNU) (2007-2009);
  • APN «Human Impact on Land-Cover Changes in the Heart of Asia». (2008-2010);
  • START (2009-2012).


At present IMCES SB RAS is the contractor in EU coordination action ENVIRO - Risk (contract No. 013427), financed by the European Union, and in NELDA project, financed by NASA USA. It also is an observer in CIRCLE project.

In this period researches were carried out against 21 international contracts.


Agreements of collaboration with

  • MEDIAS-France (2002);
  • National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands (2002);
  • North-East Forest University, PR China (2004);
  • Collaboration and scientific exchange is kept between IMCES SB RAS and ENEA, Italy (Frascatti Center);
  • Collaboration and scientific research is kept between IMCES SB RAS and Forest Research Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences



 Collaboration with NIS

  • Republic of Kazakhstan (Institute of Management, Astana; Kazakh National University, Almaty; Turan University, Almaty);
  • Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyz National University; Ministry of Ecology and Emergency of Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek);
  • Ukraine (Khar’kov State University; Academy of Technological Cybernetics);
  • Republic of Belarus (National Academy of Sciences).


International conferences

Over the period of 2002–2007 IMCES SB RAS together with SCERT organized 11 international conferences and symposia, among them symposium on Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Environment, International Conference on Environmental Observations, Modeling and Information Systems (ENVIROMIS), International Conference and Young Scientists School on Computational Information Technologies for Environmental Sciences (CITES) that became traditional ones.

 Over the last period scientists from the institute traveled abroad for participation in international conferences and joint research in the frameworks of agreements of collaboration, delivering lectures and training. One hundred thirty foreign specialists visited IMCES SB RAS to learn about our research, to participate in conferences and to make joint studies.