Complex scientific station “Taezhniy” of the Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems was established in 2004.

Address: Tomsk region, Verkhneketsky District, Nibega village, Gagarina st. 28-2.

Head of the station: Svetlana A. Krivec, PhD.

Phone: +7(3822)491855; fax: +7 (3822)491855. e-mail: krivec@inbox.ru

The station was created to research the structure of diversity of medium taiga forests on the level of certain components and whole biogeocenoses. It is also aimed at:

1) research of stability and recovering-and-age-dependant dynamics of forests;

2) evaluation of potential fertility of forest soils and forest site characteristics of ecotopes;

3) research of modern processes of bogging in forest ecosystems;

4) development of methods of regional monitoring of forest ecosystems.

There is a possibility to receive small groups of researchers.