Scientific station “Kedr” of the Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems was established in 1986.

Address: Tomsk region, Kurlek village,  Kedrovaya str., 5-6.

Head of the station: Sergey N. Goroshkevich, PhD.

Phone: +7(3822) 491907, fax: +7(3822)491855, e-mail: gorosh@forest.tsc.ru


The station is a basis for works aimed at forest restoration, plantation incubation, morphology, physiology, genetics and selection of forest woody plants of Siberia. This is a world unique specialized center for research of reproductive biology, genetic reservation and selection of boreal species of five-needle pines. The main goal of the station is to research a character and nature of all the different forms of forest woody plants, development of the new methods of selection and technologies of its breeding.

Station has a number of research and experimental objects (the clone bank and experimental cultures of species and hybrids, soil and climatic ecotypes of Five-needle pines), summer houses, electricity, water supply and baths. There is a possibility to receive small groups of researchers.