“Vasyuganye” Scientific station of the Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems was established in 2002.

Address: Tomsk Region, Bakchar District, Polyanka village.

 Head of the station: Evgeniya A. Golovatskaya, PhD.

Phone: +7(3822)491565, fax: +7(3822)492681, e-mail: golovatskaya@imces.ru

  • The station is a supporting expeditionary base aimed at providing climatic and ecological research of regional, meso- and microclimatic changes in natural environment of vast water-logged territory. At the base site and landscape profile the condensed meteorological and actinometric surveys are being conducted, surface concentration of CO2 is being measured, intakes of air, swamp water, peat and soil is being carried out for further lab tests. Apart from it, various biophysical and biological experiments for checking the bioproductivity of bog vegetation, emission of CO2, botanical contents of the turfs are being conducted.

  • It is possible to receive small groups of researchers.